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City of Tampa Best of List

  • Tampa named one of top U.S. cities people under 30 want to move

  • Tampa Bay among top metros for construction job growth

  • Tampa named one of the best big city to live in

  • Tampa ranked 7th as best city to invest in housing

  • Tampa Bay Area claims lowest housing price index among major metros in Florida

  • Tampa named one of the best cities for renters in America

  • Tampa ranked as one of the top cities for sporting and adventure

  • Tampa tied for 5th best cities to find a job

  • Tampa ranked among most hipster-friendly cities in the world

  • Tampa ranked as one of the top 25 places to live like royalty on less than $70k

  • Tampa ranked 8th among best cities for off-leash dog parks in country

  • Tampa named one of the 15 U.S. tourist hotspots nobody cared about 15 years ago

  • Tampa ranked 2nd among best cities for first-time home buyers

  • Tampa Airport named one of the best North American Airports

  • Tampa named one of  the best places to get married