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City Attorney's Office

The City Attorney's Office, under the direction of the City Attorney Gina K. Grimes, is cognizant of all legal affairs of the City of Tampa. In the capacity as the official legal representative of the City, it is the City Attorney's responsibility to take the management, charge and control of all the legal business of the City and to be, in regard to all municipal affairs, the legal adviser to the Mayor, the City Council and the committees thereof, and all of the departments, officers and boards of the City. When required, the City Attorney provides written or verbal opinions of law to the aforesaid, upon any subject in which the City is interested. In addition, the City Attorney prosecutes and defends the interest of the City before courts of law and boards.

The City Attorney's office is composed of the City Attorney, Deputy City Attorneys, Assistant City Attorneys, Paralegals, Legal Secretaries, and Executive Aides.