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Steps to Take if Your Water Use is High

Surprised by abnormally high water use? Check the reading on your meter against the reading on your bill. The reading on the meter should be greater than the one shown on your bill.

  • If your current meter reading is LOWER than the one shown on your bill, contact the Utilities Call Center or at (813) 274-8811 to request a re-read of your meter.
  • If your current meter reading is HIGHER than the one shown on your bill, you may want to check for leaks. Common household leaks locations include toilets, faucets and irrigation systems.  Our "Locating Leaks 101" slideshow can help.

If you locate and repair a leak, you may be eligible for adjustments to your bill.

Review Your Water Use History

You can review your water use history located at the lower left side of your bill to determine if your current water use is elevated or inclining. Please note, the water use history is provided in rounded gallons. For example, a 10 shown for a month's use indicates that between 10,000 and 10,499 gallons metered to your location during the billing period. To calculate a more exact number, locate the total number of CCFs above the detailed billing information on your bill and multiple that number by 748 gallons.

If you are going to have trouble making payment, request a payment extension or payment arrangement online at or contact our Utilities Call Center at (813) 274-8811 to see what arrangements can be made to avoid an interruption of service. 

How Do You Compare with the Average?

Tampa's average single-family residential account uses between 8 and 10 CCF (5,984 to 7,480 gallons) of water monthly. You may use more or less based on the number of people living in your home and when water is used for pools, irrigation and household maintenance projects. If you routinely use more than the average Tampa household, contact the Water Efficiency and Conservation team for recommendations that may help you reduce your water use and your monthly water costs.