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Commercial New Construction (Site / Building Combo) Application

Commercial Permits - New Construction (Site / Building Combo) ApplicationThe following establishes procedures for the in take of required documentation when requesting a permit for a site-building combo construction on a vacant lot.

The Client Facilitator will:

  1. Review the application for completeness; along with two sets of signed and sealed building plans, two sets of site plans, a sealed topographic survey, energy calculations, and Owner Permit Affidavit(if owner).
  2. If a department (Neighborhood Improvement, ARC, Barrio Latino, etc) has an active comment and/or property is located in historic district or any district mentioned above, customers will be referred to the appropriate departments for approval prior to submitting plans.
  3. All forms must be completely filled out with appropriate information at time of submittal.
  4. Plan examination fees are calculated and due at the time of submittal.
  5. Customer will be informed of all permit holds and Notice of Commencement requirements.

Who can obtain permit:

  • A licensed General, Building or authorized agents can submit and obtain this type of permit. Check to see if there are active comments on contractor.
  • A qualifying owner of a commercial building whose total construction cost is less than $75,000.00 (including building, mechanical, plumbing, gas, and electrical work), and whose occupancy and use is for the owner and not offered for sale or lease.


For further information, please refer to Commercial-Residential Review Guide and/or Plan Submittal Requirements.



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