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Inspector will verify code compliance by assuring that a minimum size #8 solid copper conductor is attached to the pool steel shell. Proper connectors are used for all bond wire connections; all connections are tight and correctly made. # 8 solid copper is attached to the rear exterior of the pool light wet niche. Internal wet niche bond is secure and proper encapsulating compound is used to completely cover termination of # 8 insulated wire. Metal within 5? of waters edge is connected to the equipotential bonding grid, and a # 8 solid copper conductor is run completely around pool walk area between 18? and 24? from waters edge and 4? to 6? below grade.


Inspector will verify code compliance to assure proper wiring from main panel to pool equipment panel. Proper bonding of associated water circulating equipment for pool. Proper pool light junction box, if used, and proper bonding and sealing. Height of junction box or pool transformer. GFI protected receptacle between 10? and 20? from waters edge. Verify height limits on luminaries above high water level. Proper bonding of screen enclosure.

For further information, please refer to Inspection Requirements and Codes.

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