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Commercial Pool / Spa - Site Inspections

Initial Site Inspection

Commercial Permits - Pool / Spa: Site InspectionsTo be made prior to beginning construction when tree protection and silt barriers are in place, all root and limb pruning is completed and all permitted trees are removed or relocated. For further information, refer to Standard Preparation Requirements.

Erosion Sediment Control

To be made prior to any scheduled or unscheduled inspection. Verify all silt barriers and other erosion control measures are in place and properly maintained such that sediment laden runoff is controlled. For further information, refer to Erosion and Sediment Control.

Site General Conditions

During the course of construction, care must be taken to maintain the tranquility of the neighborhood. The municipality has many laws concerning, noise levels, trash containment, dust, right-of-way maintenance, and job site sanitary facilities. The Building/Site Inspector on each inspection must be proactive in reviewing the general condition of each construction project. Neighborhood complaints will occur and the inspector is responsible for resolving. This may results in fines (Red Tags).

For further information, please refer to Inspection Requirements and Codes.

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