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Commercial Roof Structure - Roof Inspections

Roof Dry-In

 Roof InspectionsInspector will check underlayment, flashing and drip edges and battens (when applicable).

Roof Sheathing, Nailing, Blocking, and Ply Clips

Inspector will verify sheathing size and type, according to approved plans. Inspect crickets where applicable and verify sheathing is nailed according to design. Inspector will also verify fire rated sheeting, nail size, installation of ply clips and check unsupported edge blocking.


Once the in progress inspections are performed, then inspector will perform the final roof inspection, which will include:

  • Check Slope and Materials Per Code and Specifications.
  • Check flashing including, valleys, coping, drip edge, and wall per code and specifications.
  • Check Fasteners
  • Check Roof Drainage

For further information, please refer to Inspection Requirements and Codes.



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