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Residential Addition - Building Inspections


Residential New Construction Building InspectionsTo be made after trenches are excavated and forms erected and shall at a minimum include: Stem-wall, Monolithic slab-on-grade, Piling/pile caps, Footers/grade beams and Seawalls.


To be made after the reinforcement is in place, all concealed conduit, piping, ducts and vents are installed and the electrical, plumbing and mechanical work is complete. Slab shall not be poured until all required inspections have been made and passed. For further information, refer to Slab/Foundation Requirements.

A foundation survey prepared and certified by a registered surveyor shall be required for all new construction prior to approval of the framing inspection. The survey shall certify placement of the building on the site, illustrate all surrounding setback dimensions and shall be available at the job site for review by the Construction Inspector.

A copy of the flood elevation certificate or a survey prepared and certified by a registered architect, engineer or surveyor that establishes the lowest floor shall be available for review at the job site before approval of the framing inspection for all new construction built in an ?A? or ?V? flood zone. The elevation certificate shall be filed with the Building Department prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy.


To be made after the roof, all framing, fire blocking and bracing is in place, all concealing wiring, all pipes, chimneys, ducts and vents are complete and shall at a minimum include: Window/door framing installation, Vertical cells/columns, Lintel/tie beams, Framing/trusses/bracing/connectors, Draft stopping/fire-blocking, Curtain wall framing, Energy insulation, Accessibility.

Sheathing / Cladding

To be made either as part of a dry-in inspection or done separately at the request of the contractor after all roof and wall sheathing and fasteners are complete and shall at a minimum include: Roof & Wall sheathing, Sheathing fasteners, Roof/wall/dry-in, and Windows/door bucks.


Shall at a minimum include: Dry-in, Insulation, Roof coverings, and Flashings.


To be made after the framing inspection is approved and the insulation is in place.

Fire Resistance Rated/Penetration

To be made after the installation of fire resistant drywall, joint/penetration protection, and fireproofing materials, and prior to installation of finishes.

Building Final

To be made after the building is completed and ready for occupancy.

For further requirements, please refer to Inspection Requirements document.

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