Residential Driveway - Application

 ApplicationThis type of permit will be required for the installation of a new, an addition and/or replacement, of a paver and/or concrete driveway.

The Client Facilitator will:

  1. Review the application for completeness along with two (2) sets of site plans. If driveway is over 1000 sf, a sealed topographic survey will also berequired. Additional information may include: an Owner Permit Affidavit(if applicable) and/or Tree affidavit (if there are no trees to be removed)
  2. If applying for a Paver Driveway permit, customer must submit an executed Hold Harmless Indemnification form including fee.
  3. If a department (Neighborhood Improvement, ARC, Barrio Latino, etc.) has active comments on project, the customer will be referred to the affected department for approval.
  4. All forms must be completely filled out with appropriate information at time of submittal.
  5. Plan examination fees are calculated and due at the time of submittal.
  6. Inform customer of all permit holds and Notice of Commencement requirements.

Who can obtain permit:

  • Licensed General, Building, Residential, Concrete, Paving Contractor or authorized agent are allowed to submit/obtain this type of permit. Check to see if there are active comments on contractor.
  • A qualifying owner of a one or two family detached residential dwelling intended for own occupancy. A photo identification and proof of ownership (recorded deed or tax receipt) must be presented at time of submittal.

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