Residential Enclosure - Plan Review

 Plan ReviewAn enclosure consists of a building or part thereof, in whole or in part self-supporting, and having walls of insect screening with or without removable vinyl or acrylic wind break panels and a roof of insect screening, plastic, aluminum or similar lightweight material. This review is performed for enclosures placed over pools and/or existing or new slabs.

Examination of Documents

The Plan Reviewer will examine each application for a permit and the accompanying documents, consisting of drawings, specifications, computations and additional data and shall ascertain by such examinations whether the construction indicated and described is in accordance with the requirements of the technical codes and all other pertinent laws or ordinances.

Approval of Construction Documents

The construction documents shall be approved, in writing or by stamp, as ?Reviewed for Code Compliance.? One set shall be retained by the building official. The other set shall be returned to the applicant, for their records and to be used during inspections.

Minimum Plan Review Criteria for Buildings

The following is considered the minimum criteria and documents needed for examination by a Plan Reviewer: A site plan, including grade elevations around the construction area, screen enclosure location, overhead power lines (if applicable). Enclosure engineering design. This one can be an original signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer or Enclosure companies can place their drawings on file, as long as the drawings are original and signed and sealed by a Professional License Engineer. If submitting a copy of the ?plans on file?, they have to match the approved plans on file exactly.

If the Enclosure has a Roof Panel or Bottom panels, the reviewer will verify that property is not located on flood zone, if so, the following may apply:

  • If property was built prior to 6/18/80, then flow thru for bottom panels or no bottom panels will be required. Also, a Cost Breakdown will need to be submitted to determine proposed construction will comply under 50% rule.
  • If property was built after 6/18/80 and complies with Base Flood Elevation (BFE), then bottom panels will be ok.

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Updated: 12/01/2020