Residential Masonry Walls / Fences Application

 ApplicationThe following establishes procedures for intake of required documentation when requesting a permit for the installation of a residential masonry wall and/ or installation of a Wrought Iron Fence. For further information refer to Masonry Wall Requirements.

The Client Facilitator will:

  1. Review the application for completeness; along with two sets of signed and sealed building plans and two sets of site plans showing location of same. In lieu of a signed and sealed building plan, customer can submit the Masonry Wall Section Worksheet and Owner Permit Affidavit (if applicable).
  2. All forms must be completely filled out with appropriate information at time of submittal.
  3. Plan exam fees are calculated and due at the time of submittal.
  4. Customer will be informed of all permit holds and Notice of Commencement requirements.

Who can obtain permit:

  • Licensed General, Building, Residential Contractors, or authorized agents can submit and obtain this type of permit.
  • A qualifying owner of a one or two family detached residential dwelling intended for own occupancy, must present photo identification and proof of ownership (recorded deed or tax receipt) at time of submittal.

Wood fences do not require a permit, but there are requirements to be met when installing one. Please refer to Fence Requirements, for further information.

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