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Residential Roof Coverings - Site Inspections

Site General Conditions

 InspectionsDuring the course of construction, care must be taken to maintain the tranquility of the neighborhood. The municipality has many laws concerning, noise levels, trash containment, dust, right-of-way maintenance, and job site sanitary facilities. The Building/Site Inspector on each inspection must be proactive in reviewing the general condition of each construction project. Neighborhood complaints will occur and the inspector is responsible for resolving. This may results in fines (Red Tags).

Roof Dry-In

Inspector will check underlayment, flashing and drip edges and battens (when applicable).

Roof Sheathing, Nailing, Blocking, and Ply Clips

Inspector will verify sheathing size and type, according to approved plans. Inspect crickets where applicable and verify sheathing is nailed according to design. Inspector will also verify fire rated sheeting, nail size, installation of ply clips and check unsupported edge blocking.

Roof Mitigation

If more than 25% of the total roof area or roof section of any building or structure is replaced or recovered in any 12 month period, the entire roof system or section must conform to current codes.

Inspector will check that roof attachment are strengthened and corrected as required per Hurricane Mitigation Retrofit Manual. Projects requiring roof mitigation, but that are not being inspected in progress by City of Tampa (COT) inspectors must have a Roof Mitigation Affidavit filled out and on file with COT before the final inspection is called. The purpose of this affidavit is to certify portions of the repairs, upgrades, and dry-ins which can no longer be viewed by the inspector.

Homeowners installing their own roofing must either call for in-progress inspections by the city inspector or have inspections performed and certified by a Licensed Roofing Contractor, Licensed General or Building Residential Contractor, a Licensed FS 486 Building Inspector and or a Registered Architect or Engineer in the State of Florida.


After the in progress inspections are performed, the inspector can proceed to perform the final roof inspection, that will include:

  • Check Slope and Materials Per Code and Specifications.
  • Check flashing including, valleys, coping, drip edge, and wall per code and specifications.
  • Check Fasteners.
  • Check Roof Drainage

For further information, please refer to Inspection Requirements and Codes.

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