Tree FAQs


  1. Protected Tree Removal/Evaluation - $120
  2. Grand Tree Removal/Evaluation - $620
  3. Grand Tree Removal/Evaluation - hazard - $155
  4. Grand Tree Pruning Evaluation - $120

Note: Fees for Residential and Commercial are the same. Fees became effective on October 1, 2018. Fees above do not include the Florida Building Surcharge.

Fast track: if plans are submitted through the SCPA Program they can be approved by Natural Resources upon receipt, without having to go through the normal inspection queue.

No: plans can still be submitted directly from the applicant, but a City of Tampa Forester Examiner will have to perform a site inspection to confirm accuracy and compliance with the code.

The permit application cost is the same: the only additional costs will come from the arborists themselves.

General FAQ's

  • Currently reside in the City of Tampa.
  • Have documentation

Yes, you do need to be a resident of the City of Tampa.

  1. Apply Online:

If you’ve completed

  • Copy of lease or last mortgage statement
  • Copy of last utility bill

Individuals who reside in the City of Tampa

For qualified recipients,

Yes. It is encouraged and we will help navigate that process for you.