Education Station

Tampa Fire Rescue has opened an "Education Station" to teach preschool children about fire safety and the fire department. Toys and games to get their attention, then just when they are having fun they get a fire or life safety message.

The preschoolers are not the only ones to benefit from the safety lessons. The adults who accompany the kids also will learn about smoke alarms, fire drill in the home and a whole host of other useful tips. The Education Station is located within an old fire station in the Ybor Heights area at the corner of 12th Street and Columbus Drive. Books, games and other furnishings for the Education Station were purchased through an education grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. 

Programs at the Education Station are available to groups of pre-schoolers through the Tampa Fire Rescue Public Education Office. The old fire station can also be used for young children birthday parties through the "Friends of Tampa Fire Rescue". For more information about the Education Station contact the Public Education Office, 813-274-8241.