The Juvenile Fire Setters Workshop

lighted matchPresents information on fire prevention and fire safety to aid individuals in breaking the chain of fire setting.

Is offered as an alternative to jail for first-time offenders that are referred through the Juvenile Justice System.

Is for children who have been involved with fire play or fire-setting behaviors and their families. The program is offered by age as follows:

Children 5-11 years old

are the target of the JFW's educational outreach. They are exposed to a supervised fire safety program with an emphasis on matches and lighter safety - which is partially taught by the older participants.

12-15-year-old students

are required to complete some homework prior to attending the Workshop. While the homework does contain written assignments, the real key is that the students must prepare a lesson plan and actually teach a portion of the Workshop. The students will be provided with information, advice, and assistance in making visual aids and other materials for their presentations.

Parents and family members

are required to attend the JFW because fire-setting usually involves others in the family. Following a short introduction to the Workshop, the parents move into a separate classroom where they receive instruction on fire prevention.  The parents are also apprised of agencies available in Hillsborough County where they can get assistance if their children should require additional help. Near the end of the Workshop, the parents rejoin the children for a demonstration of the fire prevention and safety measures taught to each group.

Attendees, their families, and caregivers must pre-register to attend the Workshop which is held monthly at the Hillsborough County Emergency Operations Center, 808 East Zack Street, Tampa, FL.

For more about children who set fires please call (813) 274-8241 for more information.

Please note that the Juvenile Fire Setters Workshop is strictly an educational program and is not meant to replace professional behavioral counseling.