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Hispanic Employees Spotlights

Ileana Hernandez Photo
Environmental Specialist

Ileana Hernandez

Meet Ileana Hernandez, an Environmental Specialist from the Water Department! Originally from Puerto Rico, she moved to Tampa in 2012 & graduated from USF. She also received her TEFL cert this year and has been teaching English as a foreign language. Thank you Ileana for all you do!

Andre Mesa Photo
Professional Plan Reviewer IV

Andre Mesa

Meet Andre Mesa, a Professional Plans Reviewer in Construction Services. Andre says he would not be where he is without the guidance of his parents who taught him the importance of working hard and always focusing on the tasks at hand to achieve your goals. 

Maria Monroe Picture
Utility Permit Technician

Maria Monroy

Meet Maria Monroy, a Utility Permit Tech for the Water Dept. Her greatest achievements include earning an architecture degree, purchasing her first home, and traveling with friends & family! Her advice to students would be: think "how can I do this" instead of "I can't do this"

Jose Rosendo Photo
Automotive Equipment Operator

Jose Rosendo

Meet Jose Rosendo, a native Mexican, father of 3 girls and grandfather of 2 working with the Solid Waste Dept. Jose is proud of his job. His hard work has contributed greatly to the quality of service provided to residents. He's also proud of his family who motivates him daily.

Edgardo Soto Photo
Utility Technician I

Edgardo Soto

Meet Edgardo Cancel Soto, a Puerto Rican working with the Wastewater Dept. He says moving to FL and working with the City are some of his proudest achievements! He also created a web page to help new trainees learn critical skills to become Utility Techs with the Wastewater Dept.

Karloren Guzman Photo
Engineer III

Karloren Guzman

Meet Karloren Guzman, an Engineer III for the Planning Division in the Wastewater Dept. Karloren is from Venezuela & says her greatest inspiration is her dad, an electrical technician who worked hard. Her proudest achievement was earning a PhD in Engineering & Applied Sciences.

Oscar Moreno Photo
Professional Plans Examiner

Oscar Moreno

Meet Oscar Moreno, a Professional Plans Examiner at the Construction Services Center. Oscar has been working with the city for 7yrs and we thank him for all his hard work! His piece of advice is to “Always put forth your maximum effort and never give up!” 

Israel Infante Photo
Distribution Technician I

Israel Infante

Meet Israel Infante, a native Cuban who works as a Distribution Tech with the Water Dept. His proudest accomplishments were becoming a Chemical Engineer in Cuba and becoming an American citizen. His advice to Latino students: "You can chase your dreams if you study and work hard"

Daniel Rivera picture
Engineer III

Daniel Rivera

Meet Daniel Rivera, an Wastewater Department Engineer III, who has been working for the City since 2007. His father has been his greatest influence, and raising a family is his proudest achievement. His advise to Latino students is "Work hard and smart, and you will be rewarded".

Maryly Hudson photo
Utility Administrative Support Technician

Maryly Hudson

Meet Maryly Hudson, a Utility Administrative Support Technician from the Water Department, who joined the City Team last year. Her advise to students is "Be bold."

Ivan Garcia Picture
AWT Planner/Scheduler

Ivan Garcia

Meet Ivan Garcia, an AWT Planner/Scheduler from the Wastewater Department. He has been inspired by his father, who showed him that through hard work and perseverance you can achieve everything you put your mind to. His advise to Latino students is "Believe in yourself, plan ahead, and establish short and long-term goals... have open communications with your parents, with your community leaders and your school personnel... Reach out and make sure you develop relationships with mentors and folks who truly care about your wellbeing."

Updated: 09/15/2021