Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2

Source: American Recovery Act  (ARRA)

Enacted: 2009

Regulation: Code of Federal Register 42 USC 5301 Title III, Section 2301

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development has released the Notice of Allocations, Application Procedures, Regulatory Waivers Granted to and Alternative Requirements for Emergency Assistance for Redevelopment of Abandoned and Foreclosed Homes Grantees under the American Recovery Act, 2009

The City will be working in partnership with the Tampa Housing Authority and other organizations to acquire foreclosed properties within the city to rehabilitate and sell, or make available to social service organizations for rent to their clients.  For more information on this program, please visit the HUD website link above.

The Hillsborough County Affordable Housing Office has a separate NSP program for Affordable Housing

Documents for Review                               

NSP 2 Application for funds - Competitive

Reports and documents available from Tampa Housing Authority website.

Links to Other Documents

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