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Message from Mayor Jane Castor

Hello City of Tampa Team!

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for continuing to provide outstanding services to our citizens and community during this difficult and unprecedented time. You are the heartbeat of our city and the reason we are able to persevere when our community needs us the most.

As a city we have faced difficult times in the past, but this virus is unique. COVID 19 can spread with ease and often times is silent, meaning those with the virus may not know they are infected. Every one of you is essential to the great work that is done every day in our great city. Many of you are able to work from home, but for those of you on the front lines – please do all in your power to physically distance yourself from others and take the simple steps to disinfect. We must all do everything in our power to avoid contracting or transmitting this virus.

We have a long road to travel in order to overcome this virus and get back on our feet financially. My faith in our ability to overcome and rise up as a stronger and more closely connected community is unquestionable.

I have always been proud of the actions of each of you, but in this most trying of times it is an honor to witness the strength, perseverance, innovation and determination displayed every moment of every day.

Don’t forget to take time to reflect on the things that really matter – check on your loved ones, be a good neighbor and help those in need. Stay calm, stay safe, stay kind and whenever possible -stay home. We will get through this together.


              Jane Castor Signature

Mayor Jane Castor



Updated: 04/08/2020