Neighborhood Empowerment Department Performance Charts

The Neighborhood Empowerment Department works in partnership with the citizens of the City of Tampa to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment. To improve the quality of Tampa’s neighborhood through education, enforcement and abatement, and to respond to community concerns and attain code compliance while maintaining high professional standards and continually seeking improvements and innovations.


  • Ensure the effective and efficient enforcement of codes which address property maintenance standards along with the timely removal of litter, illegal dumping, graffiti removal, and appropriate alley way clean ups;
  • To be recognized as a leading metro City dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life through timeliness of abatements and blighted conditions in the neighborhoods;
  • To serve as the main liaison for the neighborhood associations and City Hall;
  • To work with community partners and private entities to promote and build positive relationships that showcase the City of Tampa as a desirable living and working environment

Neighborhood Empowerment investigates complaints concerning code violations received from citizens and initiates complaints with a goal of completing the initial inspection within 30 days. While the number of complaints has increased, we have been able to dramatically decrease the days to complete the initial inspection from 41 to 9 based upon the following reasons:

1) Created a 6th Code Enforcement District with a supervisor to supplement the existing Supervisor and Team. This places two teams each with a Supervisor in the East Tampa area to focus on code enforcement violations and neighborhood cleanups. Additionally, a Tampa Police Detective is also assigned to the East Tampa area to work code violations, illegal dumping, etc.

2) Increased the number of areas which reduced the geographical size of each assigned area and making the case load more manageable and efficient.

3) Reassignment of resources

a. Cross Trained 5 Solid Waste Code Inspectors to investigate and initiate violations of Chapters 19, 27, 5, & 13.

b. Mayor authorized the increase of two additional Code Enforcement Inspectors, providing additional resources.

Due to the above commitment the City of Tampa has provided to the Neighborhood Empowerment Department, we have been able to provide a better response rate to the code violations to begin the process of resolving these more efficiently and effectively.

The inspection team which consists of 35 inspectors (including the 5 inspectors from Solid Waste) has worked diligently to decrease the average days a case remains open from 76 to 24, all while the number of cases more than doubled.

We eliminated the non-certified courtesy Notice, shortening the time to remedy cited violations. The inspection timeline is now shorter, the first inspection is scheduled approximately 22 days from the date the complaint is reported and created in Accela.

Proactive Officer Initiated Cases are those violations observed by the field Code Enforcement Officers that result in a case being opened. These cases are not called in by complainants.

Complainant Generated Complaints are those complaints which are received by the Department. If the field Code Enforcement Officer, after investigation, determines that a violation is present, then the complaint is classified as an open case.

Emphasis will be placed on continuous improvement/increase in the number of proactive officers initiated cases v complaint generated cases. Increases in officer generated cases should result in a decrease in complaints.

Updated: 08/13/2019