Complaint Response Time

Neighborhood Empowerment investigates complaints concerning code violations received from citizens and initiates complaints with a goal of completing the initial inspection within 30 days. While the number of complaints has increased, we have been able to dramatically decrease the days to complete the initial inspection from 41 to 9 based upon the following reasons:

1) Implementation of a new software application system(Accela) that significantly enhance case management capabilities in the field by collecting and uploading critical data, photos, documents and attaches them to a case without switching devices or going into the office.

2) Increased the number of areas which reduced the geographical size of each assigned area and making the case load more manageable and efficient.

3) Reassignment of resources

a. Cross Trained 5 Solid Waste Code Inspectors to investigate and initiate violations of Chapters 19, 27, 5, & 13.

b. Mayor authorized the increase of two additional Code Enforcement Inspectors, providing additional resources.

Due to the above commitment the City of Tampa has provided to the Neighborhood Empowerment Department, we have been able to provide a better response rate to the code violations to begin the process of resolving these more efficiently and effectively.

Updated: 08/13/2019