Building Alteration Reviews - Residential

Building alterations, renovations or remodels include changes to the interior or exterior of a building that do not increase the square footage or footprint or the building itself. Examples include: Converting a garage to a bedroom, rearranging interior walls along with replacing windows and doors, utilizing existing space to add a bathroom to the interior of a building, etc. A Plan Review is the analysis of the submitted construction plans and drawings for compliance with the Florida Building Codes and Florida Prevention Code along with local land use and engineering standards. City of Tampa customer’s should have a reasonable expectation as to the time required to complete the permit or entitlement-delete review process. The goal for Residential Permit processing is 10 business days and the goal for Commercial Processing is 15 business days.

Residential Building Alterations Plan Reviews

It is important that building alteration permit processing be predictable and reliable, and that turnaround times be consistent.  By maintaining plan review turnaround times, customers can plan and meet their financing, construction or development plans.  The City of Tampas goal is to have residential alteration permits returned to the customers within 10 business days and they are currently being returned within an average of 2 days.


Whereas there are no specific targets for this metric, the trend and total number of residential alteration plans reviewed is indicative of the total number of permits issued and inspections performed by staff, thus representing the overall state of the construction market and local economy.   


Updated: 12/02/2020