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City Project No:  0000005; CIGP FPN #437044-1

This project provides for capacity, operational, and safety improvements, including new turn lanes and sidewalks.

The Complete Streets improvements are on Armenia Ave from south of W Humphrey St to Sewaha St.  The addition of both a lengthened and second turn lane will minimize vehicular congestion and time spent idling at the intersection waiting for the traffic signal.  Armenia Ave is a local arterial road with a posted speed of 35 mph and Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) of approximately 10,800 vehicles per day (vpd) north of Busch Blvd and 13,500 vpd south of Busch Blvd.  Proposed improvements include:

  1. Lengthening of the northbound left-turn lane;
  2. Addition of a second northbound through lane starting at Okaloosa Ave;
  3. Lengthening of southbound right-turn lane;
  4. Addition of  sidewalk north of railroad track;
  5. Addition of standard driveways with curb and gutter and sidewalk at adjacent businesses;
  6. Reconstruction of the traffic signals; and,
  7. Reconstruction of the existing railroad grade crossing, railroad gates, and rail signals.

Vision Zero is a strategy that seeks to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries nationwide while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. The City is committed to integrating Vision Zero into all projects and programs. This project will address all modes - especially walking and biking.  By integrating the existing trails and greenways system into the transportation network we can provide safe and convenient alternatives to driving a car.  The project will apply best practices and implement proven strategies to keep Tampa residents safe on our streets, sidewalks, and bikeways.

The project will be partially funded through a County Investment Grant Program (CIGP) grant.


Table 1 - Summary of Project Costs and Schedule
Phase Firm Cost Funding Source Schedule Start Schedule Finish
Concept Design Sam Schwartz $10,000 Impact Fees (CE) Jun-11 Nov-11
Design Element Eng. Group $490,000 Impact Fees (CE) Oct-13 Apr-20
Cultural Resources CPH, Inc. $41,000 Impact Fees (CE) Sep-19 Feb-20
ROW City Real Estate $947,400 Impact Fees (CE) Oct-16 2021
CSX Railroad CSXT $665,700 Impact & MM Fees (CE) May-21 Jun-22
Construction American Pipelines $2,744,200 FDOT-State = $1.272M, CEIF = $1.472M May-21 Jul-22

How to get involved:

Your comments are valuable to us and we want you to get involved!  Please use the tools below to provide your input.

  1. Send Email Comments to the Project Manager, Nina Mabilleau, E.I.

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