30th St (E Yukon St to E Fowler Ave): On Hold

Project Location

Project Overview

Project ID: 1001530  |   Department ID:  TRANS20004    |     Contract No.: TBD     |

This project provides for complete street roadway improvements to enhance safety and multimodal connectivity, including roundabouts, sidewalks and trails, bicycle facilities, enhanced crosswalks, and other safety measures. Landscaping and green infrastructure components are also included.

Enhanced multi-modal connections and safety improvements throughout the 30th St corridor from Yukon St to Fowler Ave were recommended in the MPO and City's Walk/Bike Plan, Phases I and II, and in the City’s Pavement Condition Assessment.  Possible improvements that the City is considering for the approximately 1.8-mile corridor include a roundabout at the intersection of Yukon St, enhanced pedestrian crosswalks near pedestrian attractors, intermittent landscaped medians, bicycle lanes, additional sidewalks, and trails, resurfaced roadways, landscaping, and resilient drainage infrastructure.

Currently, 30th St is a four‐lane divided minor arterial with a center two‐way left‐turn lane and railroad track crossing.  The posted speed is 45 MPH from Busch Boulevard to Fowler Avenue. The posted speed is 30 MPH on 30th Street south of Busch Boulevard, as that segment is a two-lane collector road with a school crossing. Several transit shelters/stops are located along 30th St. The proposed improvements will provide traffic calming to maintain safer speeds as well as provide enhanced bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure along the corridor.  The objective of the improvements is to make travel safer for all users of the roadway in accordance with the City’s Vision Zero initiative.

How to get involved:

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  1. Send Email Comments to the Project Manager, Nina Mabilleau, E.I.


Table 1- Summary of Project Costs and Schedule
Phase Firm Cost Funding Source Schedule Start Schedule Finish
Prelim Design & Survey Cardno, Inc. $324,000 City – Red Light Camera – Safety Jan-20 Jan-21
Final Design Cardno, Inc. $410,000 City – Red Light Camera – Safety Jul-21 Apr-22
Land Acquisition -Yukon Segment only City ~$242,500 City – Red Light Camera – Safety TBD TBD
Construction – Yukon to Busch TBD ~$1,079,765 TBD TBD TBD
Construction –Busch to Bougainvillea TBD ~$1,821,078 TBD TBD TBD
Construction –Bougainvillea to Fowler TBD ~$1,800,066 TBD TBD TBD

Documents and Additional Information

Aerial image of project area depicting 11' lanes and 5' sidewalks

Figure 1 - Aerial of the proposed lane improvements, north of Busch Boulevard, displaying reduced 11’ vehicle lane widths plus 5’ on-road bicycle lanes.