Aerial of Riverfont Park

Lift Up Local Moves into Phase 3 to Support Local Restaurants and Retail Reopen Responsibly and Expand Outdoor Operations

This information is 1 year 9 months old and may no longer be accurate.

In an effort to support local businesses reopen responsibly amid COVID-19, the City of Tampa is launching Phase 3 of the Lift Up Local program.


Starting August 20th, the City of Tampa’s Lift Up Local program is moving into Phase 3. The program is re-expanding the use of public and private sidewalks during the extended limited capacity orders to give restaurants and retail establishments a greater ability to use outdoor spaces for regular operations. 


Under Phase 3 of Lift Up Local, restaurant and retail establishments can expand their outdoor capacity into parking lots again (with property management approval), parklets will be allowed again as well, with permission from the Mobility Department, and tents will be allowed up to 600 SF by obtaining a Fast Pass Permit at no charge.


For more information, including the full guidebook and resources for business owners, visit and the Lift Up Local toolkit at > COVID-19.