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Mayor Castor Presents the Budget for FY2021 with a Focus on Neighborhoods, Lifting Up Local, and 5 Strategic Goals

This information is 1 year 10 months old and may no longer be accurate.

Today, Mayor Jane Castor presented the budget for Fiscal Year 2021 to the Tampa City Council today, focused on the theme of Lift Up Local and centered around 5 strategic goals supported by a foundation of financial opportunity and responsibility.


“Looking forward to Fiscal Year 2021, I am so excited for our city’s future. Despite every challenge in 2020, we accomplished so much together--and this is just the beginning,” says Mayor Jane Castor. “Through a balanced and thoughtful budget, we created a roadmap that will allow us to enhance city services, lift up our local neighborhoods, and support our growth over the next year, while working to Transform Tampa’s Tomorrow for generations to come.”


The FY2021 budget of nearly $1.3 billion is structured around 5 strategic goals that will guide the City forward by setting clear budget priorities to tackle key issues facing our community.


The 5 strategic goals include:

  • Strengthening Community-Centric Services
  • Enhancing Workforce Development
  • Increasing Housing Affordability
  • Improving Infrastructure and Mobility 
  • Establishing Sustainability and Resilience


These goals focus on uplifting neighborhoods across the City and improving the quality of life for all who live, work, and play in Tampa.


In addition to funding initiatives under these strategic goals, the budget will also fund critical City services across departments and help plan for a financially stable future, including capital improvements in Parks & Recreation, Water, Wastewater, the Tampa Convention Center, Solid Waste, Public Safety, Transportation, and more. 


To see Mayor Jane Castor’s budget presentation and learn more about the FY2021 budget and how funds are allocated to city services, visit: tampagov.net/Budget


For infographics and other assets, visit tampagov.net/MediaToolkit FY2021 Budget.