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Tampa Construction Industry Gears Up for Apprenticeship Accelerator Event


NOTE: This is an event only for contractors and construction companies looking to form apprenticeship programs of their own and train new talent. This is not an event where job seekers can apply for an apprenticeship or position.

To sustain the growth of Tampa's construction industry, it's critical for local companies to continue recruiting new talent. The construction industry has seen significant job gains in the Tampa metro area, with 3,900 jobs added in January alone, but contractors still need apprentices to fill open positions.

That's why the City of Tampa's Workforce Partnerships Department, Florida Department of Education, and Apprentice Florida are collaborating to host an Apprenticeship Accelerator Event today, Thursday, March 16 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the Seminole Heights Garden Center. 
The Apprenticeship Accelerator Event will educate contractors on accessing the benefits of registered apprentice programs, allowing them to train the next generation of skilled labor and recruit new talent. 

Last year, the City of Tampa passed an apprenticeship ordinance to encourage opportunities for training the next generation of skilled labor through state-registered apprentice programs. 
"At a time when the construction industry in Tampa is experiencing rapid growth, there is a significant need for skilled labor to meet the demand," said Brenda McKenzie, Workforce Partnerships & Special Projects Director with the City of Tampa. "Apprenticeships offer an excellent way to address this challenge, providing paid training opportunities to individuals interested in a career in construction. The Apprenticeship Accelerator Event is a win win as the companies get the highly skilled workforce they need and the new workers are paid to learn highly desirable skills in one of Tampa’s top industries: construction.”

According Apprentice Florida, 94 percent of apprentices who complete their program are still with the same company two and three years later. 

Additionally, for every $1.00 invested in training an apprentice, companies can expect to find a return on that investment of $1.50, Apprentice Florida reported.

Team members from the Florida Department of Education will be on hand to provide technical assistance, in addition to other key partners like CareerSource Tampa Bay. The workshop will cover topics such as registered apprentice program requirements, program funding options, and best practices for program development and management. 

Interested contractors are encouraged to register early to secure a spot.  

The City of Tampa's Workforce Partnerships Department provides support and resources to employers and job seekers in the Tampa Bay area. The team works to create a skilled and competitive workforce, support economic development, and ensure that businesses have the resources they need to succeed. 
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