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Update #1: Extension of Lane Closures on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard Between Regents Park Drive and Pebble Creek Drive

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The Tampa Water Department is extending a previously announced lane closure on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard due to ongoing work required in that area. On Friday evening, February 28, a utility contractor performing work for another utility damaged a City of Tampa Water main. Repairs to the water main were completed early Saturday morning however, the contractor also damaged several other underground utility lines during this incident. Although these utility lines are not owned by the City of Tampa, the lanes will remain closed while they remain under repair. To assist with traffic flow, barricades and signs will remain on site while the needed repairs are completed. Please use caution when driving in the area. Modifications to lane closures may be necessary during the course of the work.


The other affected utilities are currently working on repairing their lines. Additional updates will be provided as this work progresses.


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For additional information, contact:

Elias Franco, Water Distribution & Consumer Services Manager 

Office: (813) 274-8335

Cell: (813) 352-3607

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