Parking Pay Stations FAQ

What is a Parking Pay Station?

Parking Pay Station is an automated parking meter that replaces the traditional single space parking meter.
This automated meter services multiple spaces from one collection point. Because the City of Tampa is utilizing a
pay-by-space technology, users simply remember their space number identified by a placard at each space, and find
the most convenient Pay Station in order to pay.

How do I use the Pay Station?
The Pay Stations are very user friendly. Simply look for the instructions located below the face of each Pay Station
to get started, and then follow the simple prompts on the screen.

  1. Remember your space number.
  2. Press any key to get started.
  3. Enter the parking space number occupied by your vehicle.
  4. Select the "Pay for Parking" option
  5. Deposit exact change to achieve desired time or, to pay by credit or debit card, insert the credit card then enter the amount of time desired.
  6. Want a receipt? Press the receipt option.

Any Pay Station can be used for any space in the downtown area that is identified by a 4-digit space numbered placard.

What methods of payment can I use?
For your convenience, all Pay Stations accept coins, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Be aware that the Pay Stations do not give change.

What if I paid for more time than I need?
Unfortunately, there are no refunds for time purchased.

Will I get a parking ticket while paying the Pay Station?
No. All of the Pay Stations are within view of the parking areas and the enforcement officers know to look for you prior to issuing a ticket.

Do I need to display my receipt on my dashboard?
No. Pay-by-space technology simply requires you to remember your space number in order to purchase time. The software will
inform the enforcement officers of your payment for time in your parking space.

I am disabled. Do I need to pay for parking?
Per Florida state statue 316.1964(5), vehicles displaying a valid disabled permit or license plate are permitted to park for up to 4 hours at no charge. Disabled persons still need to remember their space number and interact with the Pay Stations. For specific instructions please review the Disabled Parking Instructions.

Will I receive change?
No. The Pay Stations do not dispense change.

I notice there are still single space meters in certain areas of the city. Can I pay them by credit card?
No. Credit Cards can only be used at the Pay Stations. The City of Tampa hopes to be able to upgrade all meters in the future.

Do I have to use the Pay Station closest to my car?
No. You may pay for any numbered parking space at any of the Pay Stations. Simply go to the nearest Pay Station
on the way to your destination.

Do I have to go back to the original Pay Station to extend time?
No. You can go to any Pay Station in downtown and add time to your parking space, however, the space time limits still apply.