Construction Site Safety Program

Construction Cranes

COVID-19 Response: Construction Site Safety Initiative


  • Hillsborough County issued a Safer at Home Order effective March 27, followed by a statewide order effective April 3.
  • Allows for essential services to continue which includes infrastructure and construction activities.
  • Development Services Center became ‘virtual’ on 3/17/20; including inspections via digital methods or affidavit of compliance
  • For large construction sites, initiated additional protective measures.
  • Purpose is to keep workers SAFE, HEALTHY, and WORKING and prevent workers from contracting COVID-19 while at the workplace.
  • Guidelines are based upon CDC recommendations
  • Designate a “COVID-19 Compliance Coordinator
    • Present at all times during work hours, visibly identifiable (uniform, vest or helmet) and accessible to all workers, as well as City of Tampa officials, during work hours.
  • Must maintain a MINIMUM of 6 FEET SEPARATION BETWEEN PERSONNEL AT ALL TIMES. If a task or activity requires closer contact amongst personnel, the task must be POSTPONED, or redesigned
  • Must have portable handwashing and/or hand sanitizer stations located in convenient locations.
  • Must prominently post CDC-approved COVID-19 informational materials in English & Spanish.
  • Construction trailers ≤50% occupancy at all times
  • Construction-grade gloves must be worn at all times
  • Food trucks must be located outside the perimeter; On-site food service is prohibited.
  • Must maintain site access controls and staff screening protocols for COVID19 symptoms.

Occupational Safety Site Inspections

  • All sites are subject to unannounced spot-check inspection by an authorized occupational safety medical practitioner
  • Evaluate compliance with CDC guidelines and Threshold Building Construction Site Guidelines
  • Individuals who fail to comply or are exhibiting “risky” behaviors that can lead to transmission of COVID-19 may be immediately removed from the job site.
  • Medical Director retained
  • 20-25 licensed medical practitioners inspecting 52 job sites 2-3 times/week
  • Costs paid by developers
  • In effect as long as ‘Stay at Home’ orders are in effect
  • Commenced week of April 6, 2020

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