Neighborhood Commercial District Plans

The Planning & Development Department has launched a pilot project to create plans to enhance and preserve the quality of neighborhood commercial districts within the City of Tampa.

The Planning and Development Department is responsible for leading planning activities in neighborhood commercial districts across the city to preserve and create vibrant, healthy and thriving places. At the heart of many of Tampa’s neighborhoods are their small commercial districts: the places where commerce and community come together to define the cultural, social, and economic bonds of a community. Each plan in the Neighborhood Commercial District Planning Program will involve working with the community to build upon and strengthen each district’s unique identity. The focus will be on the commercial districts and corridors that support the adjacent residential neighborhoods. They will engage the community to address current opportunities and challenges through thoughtful facilitation and strategic analyses tailored to the specific district. Plans may consider issues related to:

  • Land use and community design
  • Social equity
  • Mobility
  • Connectivity
  • Parks and recreation
  • Environmental enhancement
  • Economic revitalization
  • Housing affordability
  • Historic preservation
  • Transportation and transit
  • Integration of public facilities
  • Streetscape improvements
  • Sustainability and resilience & more

In the end, the plans will provide a road map to achieving the vision expressed by the community. The Planning Team works with communities to envision the possibilities for regenerating these neighborhood commercial districts and recapturing their dormant value. For information, contact


Current Projects

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The Neighborhood Commercial District Planning Program is supported by Mayor Jane Castor'sTransforming Tampa's Tomorrow initiative.

Transforming Tampa's Tomorrow - Mayor Jane Castor