Central Business District Design Guidelines

Purpose and Intent

The purpose and intent of these guidelines is to implement the Downtown LandUse Policy Plan. They are not intended to be inflexible prescriptive requirements or to legislate architecture. They are intended to identifyobjectives and design standards which are important to the City. Alternative design concepts may be considered when in keeping with the purpose and intent of these guidelines and the Downtown Land Use Policy Plan.

Every project shall address itself to all applicable guidelines. Not all goals and objectives are relative to all projects, however determination of the applicability of the goals and objectives herein shall be made by the CityPlanning Division. Determination shall be made

  • At the time of the Pre-Application Conference and
  • At the Application Submission Stage for Downtown Development Design Approval. Determination will be based upon the location of a project's impact on its context and the pedestrian.

If a project application is denied, the applicant may appeal the denial to the City of Tampa City Council, who shall make the final determination as to whether the application complies with the provisions of this section.