Inspection Options for all Construction and Development Projects

DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS -  EFFECTIVE MONDAY, JULY 13, 2020 In response to COVID-19 concerns and the need to protect clients and inspectors, following is an updated outline of the available inspection options for construction and development effective Monday, July 13, 2020.

Until further notice, the following inspection options are available for conducting inspections of Occupied Structures. The Client may select the most suitable option for their project, subject to the guidelines described below. Please direct any questions to the Development Services Team at 813-274-3100.

  • Inspections should be scheduled following the normal process, through Accela.
  • Upon request, a two-hour time window will be provided when a contact name, number, and inspection option are included in the inspection request comment area.
  • Once contact is made with the client, the inspection option will be confirmed with the client.

Essential Guidance for City Inspections

All inspections must follow CDC COVID-19 recommended safety precautions, including having all individuals keep a separation of at least 6 feet from the Inspector and anyone near the Inspector must wear a face covering. If any person is unable or unwilling to wear a face covering, they cannot be present or near the Inspector during the inspection. For more information, please refer to CDC Guidance.

All ‘Threshold Projects’ must follow CDC safety recommendations as well as the City of Tampa's "Threshold Building Guidelines for COVID19 protections".

IN ALL CASES, an Inspector may request the following added protections:
  • That materials on or around the inspection site be appropriately sanitized prior to conducting the Inspection.
  • That the floor level or area being inspected be cleared of all personnel prior to the inspection.
  • That buck hoists and elevators be limited to only the operator, foreman, and inspector.

Alternate Inspection Options During Covid-19

The City of Tampa inspectors are currently able to perform all inspection requests. If you are not comfortable to have an in-person inspection due to COVID concerns, the following options are available until further notice.

Option 1 - Virtual Inspection (video)

  • A virtual inspection may be done for most conditions on most project types.
  • The finished condition can be captured using a phone or tablet device to transmit to the inspector live.
  • Some finished conditions may be too complex to effectively depict virtually in which case the Inspector may require use of a different method to complete the inspection.

The inspector may direct the installer, contractor, or owner what images or video to capture to ensure an adequate review of the finished condition. Once completed and approved, the Inspector will 'result' the inspection in the Accela system.

Option 2- Inspection by Affidavit (only available for Occupied Structures)

COVlD lnspections by Affidavit

  • An inspection may be conducted by a licensed architect or engineer who will affirm completion of the finished condition and compliance with the approved plans and all applicable codes and requirements.
  • This option only applies to inspection for compliance with the Florida Building Code.
  • The requirement to obtain prior approval for 'inspection by affidavit' from the Building Official is temporarily suspended.
  • An affidavit with photos that sufficiently represent the inspected condition must be uploaded to the permit record. The Department reserves the right to request more or different images to sufficiently view the finished condition(s).
  • Once uploaded, the inspection should be scheduled with the comments indicating: 'inspection completed by affidavit'.
  • If acceptable, the Inspector will result the inspection appropriately.
  • These 'inspections' are subject to random audit by the City for up to 90 days following return to normal inspection conditions.

We recognize the concerns of our citizens and our employees and are aware of the inconvenience this is causing. These options provide the public and our employees a safer work environment while continuing to provide a vital service. We appreciate your cooperation during this time.

Please direct any questions to 813-274-3100.