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Email to Contractors - Inspection Guidelines (3/27/2020)

In response to the current COVID-19 concerns, and in the interest of protecting our clients and our inspection staff, beginning Friday, March 27, 2020 until further notice, the Planning and Development Department will offer three options for conducting Trade and Building Trade Record (BTR) Inspections on owner/occupied and tenant/occupied properties.
Inspections can be scheduled using the normal Accela process that we have today. Upon request, we can provide a two-hour time window (if the requester provides a contact name and number in the inspection request).
Once contact is made with the requester, the following inspection options will be available at the applicant’s discretion:

Option 1 - Virtual Inspection

  • An Inspection can be conducted virtually through Face Time or similar video technology using a cell phone or similar tablet device.
  • This option is available for residential and small commercial projects where the space is currently occupied.
  • The inspector performing the inspection will direct the installer, contractor, or owner to capture a video of the items needed for review.
  • The inspector will result the inspection appropriately.

Option 2 - Inspection by Affidavit

  • An inspection can be conducted by a licensed architect or engineer or a licensed contractor.
  • The requirement to obtain prior approval from the Building Official is temporarily rescinded.
  • This option only applies to inspection for compliance with the Florida Building Code.
  • An affidavit and photos that sufficiently represent the inspected conditions must be uploaded to the permit record. Once uploaded, the inspection should be scheduled with the comments indicating, ‘inspection completed by affidavit’.  AFFIDAVIT FORM
  • The City of Tampa inspector will result the inspection appropriately.
  • These ‘inspections’ are subject to random audit by the City for up to 90 days following the return to normal inspection conditions.

Option 3 – Deferred Inspection

  • Defer the inspection until a date when the City inspector can conduct a complete on-site inspection.
  • Permits may be extended for a time period equivalent to the delay, at no additional fee.

We recognize the concerns of our citizens and our employees and are aware of the inconvenience this is causing. These options provide the public and our employees a safer work environment, while continuing to provide a vital service. We appreciate your cooperation during this time

Please direct any questions to 813-274-3100.

Updated: 08/12/2021