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Risk Protection Order AKA "Red Flag Laws"

FSS 790.401

Implemented as part of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, it addresses issues of firearm safety, school safety, and community mental health.

The statute allows law enforcement agencies to petition the court for a Risk Protection Order for a person who poses a significant danger of causing personal injury to himself, herself, or someone else if they are in possession of a firearm or ammunition.

risk protection - gun and fileThe Goal

The goal of a Risk Protection Order is to reduce the risk of violence by temporarily restricting access to firearms and ammunition by people identified as posing a significant risk to themselves or others.

Factors to Consider

  • Subject with recent threats or acts of violence
  • Dangerous past behavior with guns
  • Abuse of alcohol or controlled substances
  • Inactive mental health crisis or reoccurring mental health issues

What can YOU do?lights and siren

If you believe someone who has possession of a firearm is exhibiting a high risk of harming himself, herself, or others, you should contact your local law enforcement office immediately.
Only law enforcement may ask a court to enter a Risk Protection Order against someone who may be a danger to himself or herself or others.

Contact Information

for Risk Protection Order Consideration


Tampa Police Department - Legal Unit


For legal questions related to RPO in the City of Tampa,

email TPD-Service@tampagov.net