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File a Police Report Over the Phone

The Tampa Police Department strives to give the best customer service possible and individual attention to each citizen's request. In continuing to do so we now offer an array of reports that can be reported over the phone to the District offices. In order to better serve you, we ask that prior to calling the District office you have all your forms completed that will be required to complete the report. This allows the desk officer’s ability to have everything needed to pass along to the case investigator. Below are the types of reports that will be taken over the phone and what is required to file them. Once you have your forms please contact your local district office and they will provide you the information to get the forms to the desk officer to better assist you.


Once you have obtained all the necessary forms please contact the appropriate District office number you were provided. Once you contact the District office a representative will provide you with the appropriate email address to send the forms to. In case you have already been provided with the email address in the past, please ensure you provide a good contact number as just emailing the forms without speaking to someone will not make your report official. Once all necessary information is obtained you will be provided with an event number to keep for your records.

Runaways/Missing Persons

Sworn Statement Affidavit (TPD 310) (PDF)


Tax/Credit Card/Check/Identity Theft/Fraud/Stimulus Check Fraud

Sworn Statement Affidavit (TPD 310) (PDF)

TPD Fraud Form (883) (PDF)

Financial Institution/Bank Statement (get it from your bank)

Financial Institution/Bank Fraud Affidavit (get it from your bank)

Any letters or correspondences received to indicate fraud in your name

If you believe you are the victim of fraud that occurred outside the City of Tampa or via the internet, please contact the FBI at their website: IC3.gov to file a fraud complaint. We are unable to investigate any crime that has occurred outside the City of Tampa limits. Any crime which occurs via the internet is considered a federal crime and is investigated by the FBI. If at any time during their investigation it is found the crime occurred in the City of Tampa, they will route the report to our agency and someone will contact you

Harassing Phone Calls/Text Messages

Sworn Statement Affidavit (TPD 310) (PDF)

Formal Copies from cellphone provider of any text messages, voicemails, or calls

Copies of Emails, letters, etc. to prove harassment


Misdemeanor Criminal Mischief

Sworn Statement Affidavit (TPD 310) (PDF)

Photos/Video footage of damage


Petit Theft

Sworn Statement Affidavit (TPD 310) (PDF)

Photos/Video footage of theft occurring

Receipts or Itemized list of items taken

Photos of items

(If you have a Retail Theft Report please continue to utilize the online Retail Theft Report Form)


Stole License Plate/Decals

Sworn Statement Affidavit (TPD 310) (PDF)

Current copy of the Tag/Vehicle Registration


Failure to Return Rental Property/ Rental Vehicle

Sworn Statement Affidavit (TPD 310) (PDF)

Failure to Return Rental Property (TPD 317) (PDF)

Failure to Return Rental Vehicle (TPD 317a) (PDF)

Vehicle Stolen from Inventory (TPD 317b) (PDF)

Copy of rental/lease agreement

(2) copies of certified letters sent to the lessee by company


Any and all forms that require a notary or witness signature must be done and completed before being reported to the District offices. In the event there is camera footage available of the event, please make sure to have this readily available to upload and send over or you can mail or drop it off at the district office that you reported the incident to.  


Tampa Police Department will also provide a lost property event number over the phone in the event you misplace or cannot locate a personal belonging that you believe you lost. Tampa Police Department does not respond to private property traffic accidents and any involved party can contact Florida Highway Patrol and complete an incident form on their website in the event of a private property traffic accident.


If you have any questions please contact the Tampa Police Department Non-Emergency Number for verification. They can be reached at (813) 231-6130 in the event you need to report a non-emergency or have any questions. As always, if it is a life-threatening emergency, dial 9-1-1.