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Project REC - Register Every Camera

Have a Alarm System? Consider registering it. 

Did you know that your video surveillance system could potentially help solve a crime?  Residents and business owners are not always aware that their video surveillance system may have captured vital information that could lead to solving a crime.  In turn, police officers do not always know which community members may have this critical video footage.  The Tampa Police Department’s Project REC program gives residents and business owners throughout the city an opportunity to share useful video footage from their privately owned surveillance camera systems with police officers who are working to identify and arrest criminals. 


How Does it Work?

Project REC connects criminal investigators with residents and business owners who have partnered with the Tampa Police Department to help keep the city safe.  In order to participate in Project REC, residents and business owners must register their privately owned video surveillance system with the Tampa Police Department.  If a crime occurs, police officers will be able to use Project REC to quickly identify nearby cameras that may have captured criminal activity.  Tampa Police employees, if necessary, will contact the Project REC residents/business owners in the area and request to view video footage that may benefit the investigation.  Investigators often rely on video footage to identify, arrest and prosecute criminals.

What are the Benefits of Registering your Camera?

There are many benefits for residents and business owners who participates in Project REC.  Members of this crime-solving program will have an opportunity to directly impact the safety of Tampa’s neighborhoods by partnering with the Tampa Police Department to make the city an undesirable place for criminal activity.  Each Project REC participant will receive a decal to display on their windows to showcase their partnership with the police department.  This decal will also send a strong message to criminals that crime will not be tolerated in the area.  Project REC is a free program that is managed by the Tampa Police Department to ensure information is kept secure and confidential.