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Capital Improvement Updates - Archive

Capital Improvement Project - Now Completed

The Capital Improvements Project was finished on schedule in June 2023. Progress photos provided by Skanska USA construction group.

Construction Update - June 21, 2023

  • Riverwalk: Completed exterior light installation, continued installation on railings, terrace weatherproofing, and wall finish.
  • West Hall: Finishing ceilings, installing wall fabric, carpet, and doors/hardware, priming and painting office level.
  • Substantial completion tracking date: June 23, 2023.


Construction Update - June 12, 2023

  • Riverwalk: Completed aluminum panel and column wrap installation, continued installation of exterior linear lights, railings, and granite finish, began installation of final roof layer.
  • West hall: Completed ductwork and restroom accessory installation, continued hanging ceilings, finishing drywall, installing doors and partitions, began wall fabric backing installation.

Construction Update - May 8, 2023

  • Riverwalk - Installation of metal ceiling and planter waterproofing complete. Installation of panels, railings, and column wrap continues. Installation of exterior lighting begins.
  • West Hall/Roof - Crane lift of HVAC unit completed and installation underway. Framing/hanging/installing ceilings, installing sprinkler system, installing windows, finishing drywall, installing tile in ceilings and restrooms, continuing ductwork, and beginning installation of office-level wood base.

Construction Update - March 15, 2023

  • Riverwalk: Metal ceiling installation, aluminum composite material panel installation, power added for lighting under convention level, roof penetrations prepared for new stairs.
  • West Hall: Wall wiring and piping and framing installation, ductwork installation and insulation, sprinkler piping installation, window frames installed for interior windows, restroom accessories installed, tile installed at new water fountains.
  • Convention Level/Catwalk: Conduit/pulling wire installed on Catwalk, HVAC electrical conduit, sprinkler relocation.

Construction Update - February 17, 2023

  • Riverwalk: Waterproofing installed, wall installed, wiring for electrical floor boxes and lighting under convention level continues
  • West Hall: Wiring and framing/drywall installed, ductwork installed, sprinkler piping installed and tested, slab cutting, steel deck, and steel installation during night shift
  • Convention Level/Catwalk: Air Handling Unit controls completed
  • Restrooms: Accessories and lights installed

Construction Update - January 19, 2023

  • Waterproofing on wall and canopy, wall window caulking, spray foam installation on terraces
  • West Hall: In-wall wiring and plumbing installation, ductwork installation, prep for window water testing
  • New restrooms: toilet partition installed, finishing drywall ceilings
  • Convention Level: Installation of hangers and ductwork for air conditioning

Construction Update - January 3, 2023

  • Riverwalk: Rebar for column caps, caulking for windows, waterproofing for walls, ramps/planter walls poured
  • Air Handling Units piping, fans, coils, heaters, and insulation installed
  • West Hall: HVAC hangers and ductwork installed, wiring/piping rough-in, drywall installed, remaining ductwork installed and insulated, electrical floor box installed, chilled water piping from East Hall installed
  • Restrooms: Fixtures installed, walls hung for water fountains

Construction Update - December 23, 2022

  • Riverwalk: Rebar for planters/ramps, rough-in for electrical lines, windows caulked, wall waterproofed, drainage piping installed, spray foam installed, planter walls poured
  • West Hall: Hangers and ductwork installed, chilled water piping installed, in-wall rough-in, drywall installed
  • Air Handling Units demolished
  • Central Hall: Chilled water piping installation
  • Existing meeting rooms: lighting and ceiling tiles renovated

Construction Update - December 15, 2022

  • Tampa Riverwalk: Hanging drywall, canopy lights, spray foam insulation installing, caulking joints for exterior windows, planter walls poured on lower Riverwalk
  • West Hall: Ductwork insulation, HVAC installation on office level, electrical cables pulled through walls on convention level, wall demolished wall on office level, framing of exterior walls, terrace glazing for weatherproofing
  • Restrooms: wall tile installation
  • Central Hall: sink installation completed
  • Stair C/D: hanging and finishing drywall

Construction Update - December 2, 2022

  • Riverwalk/West Hall: Framing and installing hangers and clips, ductwork installation, framing walls, formed ramp wall, installing glass on office level
  • Existing Meeting Rooms: Renovation of Meeting Rooms 103-106 completed
  • Restrooms: Finishing hanging and drywall
  • Air Handling Unit: demolition, re-installation of coils and fans, electrical and controls work

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