The Facility

SF Exhibit Hall
Guest Capacity
(10x10) booths

The Center is located at 333 S. Franklin St.
The Franklin St. (Upper) Loading Dock is located at 211 S. Franklin St.
The Channelside Dr. (Lower) Loading Dock is located at 111 Channelside Dr.

  • 200,000 SF of Exhibit Hall space for 17,000 guests
  • 1,000 (10x10) booths
  • 24,000 SF of open Registration space
  • 36,000 SF of Ballroom space for a conference of 4,000 or banquet of 2,000
  • 36 Meeting Rooms with combos up to 7,200 SF (9 rooms overlooking water)
  • 18 new waterfront meeting rooms coming in Fall 2020
  • 16,000 SF of veranda space along the Riverwalk
  • 3,600 SF of veranda on the 2nd level overlooking the water
  • 30,000 SF of Front Drive area avaiable for large private events
  • 19 loading bays at Exhibit Hall Level & 2 bays at Ballroom/Meeting Hall Level
  • 10 x 20 FT 10,000 pound Freight Elevator, with 2nd 8,000 pound elevator coming soon

Download floorplans, or explore each floor below for details.

First Floor

  • Ballrooms A-D
  • Meeting Rooms 1-25
  • Datz Deli
  • Nourish Food Bar
  • Elevator to 2nd, 3rd & 4th floor
  • Escalators to Registration 2rd floor
  • Restrooms-2 Men, 2 Women, 2 Family
  • Exit to the Riverwalk
  • Platt Street Loading Dock
  • Sales Office
  • Vending Machines
  • ATM
  • Franklin Street Entrance from Garage
  • Channel Entrance from Front Drive

Second Floor

  • Information Desk
  • East Registration
  • West Registration
  • Elevator to 1st, 3rd & 4th Floor
  • Escalator to 1st floor
  • Escalator to 3rd floor
  • WaterView Lounge
  • Outdoor Escalator Landing with tables/chairs
  • Skywalk to Embassy Suites Hotel

Third Floor

East Hall
West Hall
Central Hall
First Aid Station
UPS Store/Business Center
Coffee Bar proudly serving Starbucks
Central Eats
East & West Grill
Restrooms-6 Women, 6 Men, 2 Family
Exhibit Hall Loading Dock
East Hall Show Office
Freight & Service Elevators
Administrative Offices

Fourth Floor

Meeting Rooms 30-39
Executive Offices
West Hall Show Office
Restrooms-3 Women, 3 Men
Elevators to Franklin Street
Elevator to Rotunda/Bistro


Escalators & Stairs to 2nd Floor Landing & Registration
Convention Center Patio
The SAIL PLAZA restaurant & bar
The Riverwalk
Public Boat Docks
Tampa Pirate Water Taxi
Tampa Bay Fun Boat
Kraken Cycleboats
Tampa Bay Water Bikes
Riverwalk Boating

Updated: 07/23/2021