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Tampa Convention Center Statement: Coronavirus

This information is 1 year 5 months old and may no longer be accurate.

Tampa Convention Center Statement: Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has caused an outbreak of respiratory illnesses, spreading to countries around the world. It has reached our shores in the US, and now, it has affected our community here at home.   The City of Tampa and Tampa Convention Center continues to closely monitor conditions associated with the coronavirus and is prepared to follow any public health guidelines and recommendations issued by the Centers for Disease Control, the Florida Department of Health and the City of Tampa Department of Emergency Management.


Please call the Florida Department of Health Citizen Information Call Center with any questions:


Phone:  (866) 779-6121

Hours:   Monday-Friday 8AM – midnight


Additionally, the City of Tampa has created a toolkit with CDC info on COVID-19 shared with all to stay safe and informed. It can be accessed at COVID 19 Toolkit   (English and Spanish versions included.)

Tampa Convention Center’s Specific and Targeted Initiatives Include:

  • Increased frequency on routine cleaning of common touchpoints throughout the venue (door handles, elevator buttons, countertops, etc.) using virucidal cleaning agent.
  • Strategically placed hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility for guests and employee use.
  • Enhanced onsite communications and signage regarding preventative actions for all.
  • Ongoing employee training regarding best practices for providing a safe and healthy environment

Tampa Convention Center will continue to provide statement updates to our clients and to keep our guests informed of any changes to the conditions through our communication platforms and social media channels.  

For Information:

Una Garvey, Convention Center & Tourism Director

March 6, 2020 UPDATE