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Scoot! Scoot! eScooters Arrive in Tampa and Convention-goers Zoom Around the City

This information is 3 years old and may no longer be accurate.


There’s a new way to get around Tampa, and it may be one of the most innovative yet!

Tampa Convention Center visitors already had a fair share of transportation options at their fingertips, and now with multiple eScooter companies zooming through Tampa’s Downtown, our guests can enjoy even more ways to get around.

Last weekend, 4 different eScooter programs launch in Tampa, headed by Bird, Jump, Lime, and Spin. Each of these companies offers ride-on-demand services that allow pedestrians to book a ride from the convenience of an app.

eScooters are available all over Tampa’s Downtown and the Channel District. To unlock a ride, simply download the corresponding app, enter a payment method, and scan the QR code on the eScooters. Scooters are just $1 to unlock with pay-as-you-go pricing thereafter.

The eScooters are a great way to explore Tampa’s Downtown and travel between the convention center, restaurants, and attractions. However, there are some rules. According to current state law, the eScooters are to be ridden on the sidewalk only. They are also prohibited on the Tampa Riverwalk, Bayshore Boulevard, and 7th Ave.

Between the new eScooters, the Tampa Streetcar, Coast Bikes, the Pirate Water Taxi, the Downtowner, and more transportation options, it’s easier than ever for convention-goers to explore our city.

For FAQs, rules, and other information about the eScooters, visit:

To book a ride, download the apps for each service:

Bird  | |1 (866) 205-2442

Jump   | |1 (844) 505 9155

Lime  | |1 (888)-LIME-345

Spin |1 (888) 249-9698