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Tampa Convention Center provides equipment, furnishings, and other services for your event.
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Event Utilities

EDLEN is the exclusive in-house provider of electric, water (fill & drain), and compressed air. With more than 40 years in the trade show and special event industry in venues nationwide, we can assist you with your temporary event utilities. EDLEN also offers charging tables and Airstars for your event.

Order Services directly through EDLEN:

For more information on event utilities, go to

Michele Cardello

Michele Cardello

General Manager
Phone: (407) 401-1066  


Event Technology

SmartCity is the exclusive in-house event technology provider. Founded over 30 years ago, we are the nation's largest provider of event telecommunications and technology in the convention industry. We offer exhibitors a variety of communication services including internet services, data networking, wireless services, and telephone services.

On-Site Wireless Services

Order Services directly: Telephone & Internet Services

Bill Duke

Bill Duke

General Manager of Technology Services


Aramark is the exclusive in-house caterer providing innovative menus and excellent customer service. Whether a black tie gala, a mid-conference luncheon, or a pre-convention breakfast, we will give your guests a true taste of Tampa. We have more than 25 years of experience creating food memories, and we're the only convention center caterer to earn the prestigious National Association of Catering Executives Award, proving that we can exceed expectations no matter how grand your vision is. Contact us directly for all your catering and food service needs.

TCC Catering Menu | Aramark Catering Order FormAramark Sampling Form

Olivia Lopresti-Booth

Olivia Lopresti-Booth

Catering Sales Director
Phone: (813) 215-2061

Aramark Logo

Phone: (813) 274-7779
Fax: (813) 274-7854

Audio Visual, Facility Branding, Signage Rigging, and Production Rigging

Encore is the leading provider of unique, creative and innovative in-house audiovisual services for hotels, conference centers, and resorts throughout North America. Our robust offering of services allows us to truly function as a one-stop shop for all of your event planning, design, and production needs.

Scott Laiken

Scott Laiken

Area Director - Venues
Phone: (813) 898-1371

Lauren Crisp

Lauren Crisp

Sales Manager
Phone: (813) 898-1372

Megan Maiberger

Megan Maiberger

Encore logo

Building, Event Security & Ambassador Services

Sentry Event Services is the exclusive in-house security company for our Building Command Center opens 24 hours a day to monitor the fire alarm system, surveillance, and other essential systems. Their “D” licensed officers are available 24/7 to assist with your security needs including physical security, access control, terrorism awareness, and emergency procedures. Sentry Event Services provides security for all Loading Docks & Boat Docks.

Sentry Event Services is the preferred in-house provider for Event Security Guards, Exhibitor Booth Security Guards, Upper Loading Dock Guards & Patrol Officers, and General Security Patrol Officers.

Sentry Event Services is also the in-house provider of ambassador staffing solutions for both small and large events.

Staffing services include:

  • Front Drive Ambassadors
  • Greeters
  • Meeting Room Monitors
  • Registration Personnel
  • Ushers

Full Security Packet

Request to Sell or Display Weapons

Derrick Burdgess

Derrick Burdgess

Additional contact: David McDeavitt

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Business Center - The UPS Store

Your office away from home. Business services in-house include: high-speed digital copy services, large-format printing, shipping, receiving, fax, and printing services. Comfortable computer workstations are available for email and web. A Graphic Designer is on site to employ at your disposal.

UPS Store Amenities

Christine Gunn

Christine Gunn

Event Solutions Manager
Phone: (813) 274-7840

UPS Store Logo

Location: The UPS Store at Tampa Convention Center 333 S. Franklin St., Tampa FL 33602
Hours: 9-5 M-F | Additional hours available upon request

Promotions and Advertising

Tampa Convention Center is proud to offer several complimentary services to assist you with publicizing your event internally, as well as through our social media and public relations activities. Please submit the below form to your salesperson via email to request these services.

Promotions and Advertising Request Form

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