Enterprise Content Management

ECM IconEnterprise Content Management (ECM) includes the technologies, tools, and methods to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content across all City departments. This project introduces and integrates ECM into the daily business activities and service provisions undertaken by all City employees. The project involves software acquisition, installation and integration with City systems, re-engineering of current business processes, and significant training for all system users. The ECM solution will result in fundamental changes to business practices and ways of working, with the expectation of increasing staff productivity and improving information service delivery. The ECM system and strategies will allow management of the unstructured City information, wherever the information exists; and it will be a vital class of technology infrastructure, supporting the content life cycle with critical business processes.

ECM system components include:

  • Efficient categorization and classification of content, facilitating quick and easy retrieval using a wide range of search and look-up options and providing numerous delivery methods.

  • Document capture and imaging for digitizing and managing paper documents.

  • Content-centric workflow and collaboration for effective information sharing.

  • Document management for check in/out, version control, security and library services for business documents.

  • Records management for long-term archiving and for automating retention and compliance policies, and to ensure legal or regulatory record compliance.

Updated: 03/11/2020