Mick Boddie

Mick Boddie

Mick Boddie

Middleton High School

Unsung Hero

Mr. Mick Boddie is the Principal at Middleton High School.  He believes in cultivating a team environment by empowering his staff to stay engaged and solve problems.   

The SWAG program was established in partnership with parents to maintain a direct line of communication between parents, students, and himself.   

Mr. Boddie meets with the students every three weeks and maintains daily contact via text, phone calls or personal contact while on campus. Included in his mentoring and coaching sessions are discussions about consequences of our actions and preparing the students for adulthood and success. He also discusses the importance of rules in both the academic environment and life.   

The program currently has 15 students. These students were identified because of underachievement and/or behavioral issues. He works to help them improve their behavior and obtain a solid education. He encourages them to always try and overcome obstacles outside of school.   

Overall Middleton H. S. has improved. The atmosphere has changed and there has been a noticeable decrease in fights on campus and more student involvement. For his dedication to the students and parents at Middleton H.S., Mr. Boddie has been awarded the Unsung Heroes Award.