30th Street Complete Streets Project (E Yukon St to E Fowler Ave)

Project Overview

This High Priority project is recommended in the MPO and City's Walk/ Bike Plan, Phases I and II.  The total project length is approximately 1.8 miles.  

North of Busch Blvd., 30th Street is a four‐lane divided minor arterial with a center two‐way left‐turn lane, railroad track crossing, and a posted speed of 45 MPH. South of Busch Blvd., 30th Street is a two-lane collector road with a posted speed of 30 MPH and a school crossing. Several transit shelters/stops are located along 30th Street. The typical cross-section of 30th Street is 66 ft and can be reallocated to provide marked bike lanes while preserving narrowed motorized vehicular travel lanes and a center turn lane/raised median. In addition to the signals at Fowler Ave and Busch Blvd, there are signalized intersections at Bougainvillea Ave. and Annie Street. High‐emphasis pedestrian crossing locations should be given consideration to using pedestrian signals or Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons (RRFB). Possible roundabouts are being evaluated at both Yukon Street and Bougainvillea Avenue.

Additional Project Information