Armenia Ave at Busch Blvd

Project Overview

Armenia Ave is a local arterial road with a posted speed of 35 mph. Based on the FDOT’s 2012 Florida Traffic Information, SR 580/Busch Blvd’s bidirectional annual average daily traffic volume (AADT) is approximately 41,000 vehicles per day (vpd), while Armenia Ave has an AADT of approximately 10,800 vpd north of Busch Blvd and 13,500 vpd south of Busch Blvd. The intersection has a LOS “E” and “F” in the AM and PM peak hours respectively. 36 crashes occurred within this intersection during the four-year period from 2010 to 2013. The intersection has a Level of Service E and F in the AM and PM peak hours respectively.

The project limits are from south of W. Humphrey St. to Sewaha St.  The proposed intersection improvements are as follows:

  1. Add eastbound right-turn lane on Busch Blvd.
  2. Lengthen northbound left-turn lane
  3. Add a second northbound through lane starting at Okaloosa Ave
  4. Lengthen southbound right-turn lane
  5. Add a second southbound through lane
  6. Add sidewalk northbound north of railroad track
  7. Add blank-out sign for the eastbound right turn
  8. Add standard driveways with curb and gutter and sidewalk at adjacent businesses;
  9. Reconstruct the traffic signals
  10. Reconstruct the existing cantilever railroad gates and rail signals at the railroad crossing location south of the intersection.

Additional Project Information