Highwoods Preserve Parkway at Highwoods Palm Way Intersection Improvements

Project Location

Map of project location.

Project Description

This project provides for a roundabout at the intersection.

Highwoods Preserve Pkwy from Bruce B. Downs Blvd to New Tampa Blvd is a four-lane divided Collector Road with a posted speed of 35 MPH and an average daily traffic volume of approximately 5,800 vehicles per day, serving the New Tampa area. The intersection of Highwoods Preserve Pkwy at Highwoods Palm Dr/Bridle Club Dr contains multiple approach lanes and is currently controlled by two-way STOP signs on Highwoods Palm Way and Bridle Club Dr.
A preliminary analysis of the intersection, which evaluated the need for operational improvements, concluded that changes to the intersection are necessary because the intersection experiences peak hour congestion. Although the intersection meets the need for a traffic signal, the conversion to a roundabout would create the most efficient operating conditions.
During nine (9) years from 2008-2016, a total of 6 crashes were recorded in the vicinity of the intersection. Of these 6 crashes, 3 involved right-angle collisions that would be considered to be correctible with the installation of a traffic signal or conversion to a roundabout design. This project provides for the conversion of this intersection to a roundabout to improve intersection capacity while increasing safety.

Additional Information

  • Highwoods Preserve Parkway Roundabout Public Meeting
    (October 26th, 2021 6:00 PM-7:30 PM)
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