Sidewalks Program

The City of Tampa Department of Transportation and Stormwater Services maintains a sidewalk network that is more than 825 linear miles long.  The Sidewalk Construction & Restoration Program consists of capital improvement sidewalk projects as well as the maintenance and restoration of the existing network.

Requests for sidewalk repairs and restoration and for new sidewalks can be submitted via our Call Center at 813-274-3101.

Requests for sidewalk repairs and restoration may also be submitted via the Customer Service Center - Sidewalk Damage Request (Repair) webpage.  Due to repair requests backlogs, it may take between six and nine months for repairs to be completed.

New sidewalks requests can also be submitted through the Customer Service Center - Sidewalk Installation Request (New) webpage.

New Sidewalk Construction

All new sidewalk construction projects, also known as capital improvements, are prioritized and selected for inclusion in the long-term work program based on criteria such as documented safety needs, ADA issues, and proximity to schools and transit facilities.

The City is currently developing a new transparent and community engagement - driven process to prioritize new sidewalk connections - both infill and new sidewalks - citywide.

For Fiscal Year 2019, the City has a sidewalk budget of $870,000, with a majority of this fund source programmed for sidewalk maintenance.  Approximately one mile of new sidewalk per year can be constructed given the current budget, and the City's tracking log of customer requests has nearly 200 unique entries.

Contact Information:

City of Tampa Department of Transportation and Stormwater Services

Attention: Sidewalk Program
306 E. Jackson Street, 6E
Tampa, Florida 33602
(813) 274-3101