Ballast Point Pier Sunrise

Smart Mobility


Under the leadership of Brandon Campbell, Smart Mobility Division Manager, the Smart Mobility Division is responsible for operating and maintaining the City of Tampa’s traffic signal system, managing the street lighting system and managing traffic signal-related projects.   

Operations has implemented an Active Traffic Management (ATM) Program to mitigate recurring and nonrecurring congestion by communicating observations in report form, bi-daily while using tools such as WAZE and Twitter to provide information to the motoring public in an effort to better manage traffic in real time. 

The maintenance group responds to traffic signal malfunctions and emergencies well within the industry standard while performing routine preventative maintenance to signalized locations. 

The street lighting section monitors system performance and is currently working to convert all lamps to LED by 2021.

The project management section focus is coordinating and delivering high-value projects by identifying and budgeting for CIP projects while designing small-scale projects in-house to maximize the use of city resources. 

Ultimately these efforts help to strengthen our neighborhoods, keep our streets safe, and promote effective and efficient government.