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Rain Sensors Save Water

A one-inch rainfall event delivers approximately 7,000 gallons of rainwater to a 10,000 square-foot lot. That free rainfall is equal to $20 - $70 in potable water irrigation costs, depending on your total monthly water use. A rain sensor will work for you to save water and money.

rain sensor

A rain sensor is a device or switch that overrides the automatic irrigation system when rainfall occurs. The sensor temporarily shuts off a system if it is operating during a rain shower or is scheduled to run following rainfall.  If you have an automatic irrigation system without a sensor, we will provide one at no charge.

Request a rain sensor... (for automatic irrigation systems with a timer only)

You may install the sensor yourself or have it installed. You are responsible for the installation cost. (Qualifying customers will be mailed a rain sensor ($30 value) and are required to return a completed Installation Coupon and Acknowledgment within 30 days of receipt of the sensor to verify the rain sensor was installed at the property.)

Florida Law (Section 373.62 F.S.) requires that all irrigation systems be outfitted with a working rain shut-off device or other technology to inhibit or interrupt operation of the irrigation system during periods of sufficient moisture.  To ensure proper operation, sensors should be checked at least once annually.

Do-It Yourself Rain Sensor Check-Up