Tampa’s diverse and talented workforce makes it an ideal place to train and grow your team.  Whether you’re looking to train and educate your staff to meet a specific need, diversify your talent pool or keep pace with industry advancements – you can find links to all of your answers right here.  Tampa is home to a robust and collaborative workforce ecosystem rich with talent and expertise.  We’d love to have you grow with us.   

Want to learn more about the difference between apprentice, earn and learn, and general training programs?  The Florida Department of Education has a handy toolbox for commonly used workforce acronyms and federal programming 

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Various links to Local, State and Federal apprenticeship programs.

Read City of Tampa Apprentice Requirements in City Construction Contracts FAQs

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Return on Investment

Apprenticeships are a proven method to not only train the talent you need while boosting retention and job satisfaction.  Moreover, the model has proven successful in traditional industries like the trades to a new application in Healthcare and other fields.  Explore and see for yourself:

Watch Apprentice Florida Tutorial - Introduction

Apprenticeships are designed by and for the employer with a specialized focus on the unique needs of a specific job. There are programs for every type of industry. Learn more about registered apprenticeships for your business at www.apprenticeflorida.com

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